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Catalog Description

Analysis and design of AC-DC and DC-DC converters. Linear, basic switching, charge-pump, and fly-back topologies. Introduction to devices used in a powerswitching supplies. Thermal management. Integral laboratory.

Course Objectives

  • Analyze and design linear regulator topologies including Zener based, pass-transistor based, and pass-transistor/Op-Amp topologies.
  • Analyze and design switching regulator topologies including buck, boost, buck-boost, and flyback topologies.
  • Analyze and design charge-pump topologies.
  • Solve the convergence problems of using computer based simulation tools for the analysis of switching circuits.
  • Use standard components found in switching topologies including control integrated circuits, gate drivers, and current sensors.
  • Identify the differences between components used in switching circuits as compared to other circuits such as electrolytic and polyester capacitors, and low and high inductance resistors.
  • Identify component failure mechanisms such as how lifetime is related to peak and RMS current ratings.
  • Identify to how circuit layout affects circuit performance.
  • Design,construct, test, and operate 50 W linear AC-DC and switching DC-DC power supplies.
  • Use the fabrication tools and techniques necessary to prototype power supplies.
  • Analyze and properly manage the thermal aspects of power electronic circuits.

General Class Information

Design Notes


  1. Lab 1
    1. Pre-Lab
    2. Procedure
    3. MUR1520 Datasheet
    4. MT3142 Datasheet
    5. Panasonic Capacitor Datasheet
    6. MathCAD AD-DC Converter Design File
  2. Lab 2
    1. Pre-Lab
    2. Procedure
    3. Tip102 Datasheet
    4. LM385 Datasheet
    5. LM324 Datasheet
    6. MathCAD Zener Regulator Design File
    7. MathCAD Op-Amp Pass Transistor Design File
  3. Lab 3
    1. Pre-Lab
    2. Procedure
    3. MathCAD Boost Converter Design File
  4. Lab 4
    1. Procedure
    2. CS1050 Datasheet
    3. Pulse Engineering Inductor Datasheet
    4. 3525A Datasheet
    5. IRF540 Datasheet
  5. Lab 5
    1. Pre-Lab
    2. Procedure
    3. LTS 25-NP Data Sheet
    4. MathCAD Buck-Boost Design File
  6. Lab 6
    1. Procedure
  7. Lab 7
    1. Procedure
  8. Lab 8
    1. Procedure
    2. MathCAD Inverting Charge Pump Design File


HW #1 Problems Solutions